The Rugby Advantage, is a professional holistic coaching and wellness consultancy organization, the foundation of which is derived from Rugby.


Taking the concept of advantage from Rugby, The Rugby Advantage aims to provide clients with an ‘Always Gaining’ mindset thereby becoming successful and happy in any aspect of their life.


The Rugby Advantage provides advice, strategies, motivation and knowledge to produce a change in clients thought processes, actions & behaviors so they are well equipped to gain an advantage towards their goals and change their life in a positive way.


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Always Gaining Mindset 


Any scenario or situation you find yourself in you can relate to Rugby. On or off the field, the lessons that Rugby can teach you are easily transferable to everyday life. 


What is Advantage?


In order to be successful in Rugby you need to GAIN every ADVANTAGE over your opponent as you possibly can. 


The Law of advantage takes precedence over most other Laws and its purpose is to make play more continuous with fewer stoppages for infringements. Players are encouraged to play to the whistle despite infringements by their opponents. When the result of an infringement by one team is that their opposing team may gain an advantage, the referee does not whistle immediately for the infringement.

Why Rugby?


Rugby Provides 


  • Values 

  • Social skills 

  • Tests & Challanges 

  • Motivation 

  • Competition 

  • Postivity / Fun

  • Structure 

  • Health & Fitness

  • Cogntive / Motor skills