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Parent of a Elite High School Girl Player

My daughter has played with Rys for almost three years. Rys has developed and designed a program in which he creates exceptional athletes, leaders and humble young women on and off the pitch, and  our daughter is lucky enough to be a part of The Rugby Advantage.  As a parents insight,  I love the fun that still happens even when a tough game is minutes away, and the girls are all big smiles. (Maybe a great joke he told) We look forward to what lies ahead and our daughters future with The Rugby Advantage. Every day is another day to dream big in the rugby world and what a great platform to begin the journey!
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Kristi Kirshe


I could not be the professional athlete I am today without the impact of Ryszard. As much as he helped improved my game, the most important thing he ever did was showcase his belief in me as player. He didn’t just think I could be a great rugby player, he pushed me to think even bigger. He told me that he was confident that I “had the ability and potential to change the game of rugby”. That statement has inspired me, pushed me, and empowered me on every single day on my journey to become an Olympian. Ryszard Chadwick is an incredible coach, with a unique ability to recognize and develop talent, and ultimately instill lifelong confidence in his players.

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Sophie Pyrz

Professional Player

Personally, Ryszard Chadwick is more than a coach. He is a mentor and a role model to me. I worked very closely with him as part of a leadership team. I had the opportunity to see first-hand the unique abilities that he has to offer. I have evolved not only as a rugby player, but as a human through working with Ryszard. Although my 10 years of rugby experience has been filled with team success, I was always the same player and offered the same skill sets as I had in years past. In just 6 months of working with Ryszard, I have uncovered skills and talents that I never knew existed. My game play and field vision has completely changed and I now see the potential that I truly have. With his help and support, I finally have the opportunity to advance into the National Team and train with the USA Olympic team. In just 6 months, I am now being considered at the very highest level of rugby in the United States of America.

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