A Maxim is any simple and memorable rule or guide for living

In order for a Rugby team to have maximum output on the field and become successful all 15 players need to be working together simultaneously. One cannot be successful without the other. 


This is why The Rugby Advantage follows these 15 Maxims in which are the  cornerstones to becoming successful. 

Life Maxims 


1.     Integrity

Do the right thing in any situation you find yourself in.


2.     Help

Help people , you never know how they may help you.


3.     Humility

Stay humble, no one is perfect and everyone has faults.


4.     Equality

You don’t know who people are or where they have come from.


5.     Respect

Finding value in each individual


6.     Enjoyment 

If you are not enjoying what you do you will never put 100% into it 


7.     Passion

Passion keeps you motivated


8.     Live

Live your life, not someone else’s  



Advantage Maxims


9.     Always Gain

Always look to better yourself .


10.     Believe

If you don’t believe that you will succeed you never will.


11.     Risk

Step outside your comfort zone, this helps you grow.


12.     Sacrifice

Prioritize what is actually important to you & what you can do with out.


13.    Work

A strong worth ethic keeps you grounded.


14.     Confidence

If you don’t have confidence in yourself no one will.


15.     Innovate

Stay creative – think like there is no box.