Coach Education

"Coaching is not the filling of a vessel but the igniting of a flame"

Why should players invest in you? Why are you different from every other coach?

What is your Point of Difference (POD)?


Imagine the individual you coach as a flame. When you have a flame you need the right conditions, environment, boundaries, equipment & fuel otherwise it will grow weak and go out. However, if you have all of this the flame will develop, grow strong and burn for hours. Once the flame is strong you want it to keep growing and remove the boundaries and let the flame spread like a forest fire, you do not want too keep the flame small for to long as it will eventually burn out.


 ‘coach the person to the point where the coach is redundant'


Coaching is the complete approach in which coaches get their individuals brains and bodies to function at their best within contexts that they identify as factors in their lives, factors that affect their success.  Coaching is a very complex, thought driven and emotional  process and if done wrong can leave harmful and damaging effects on the people being coached.


There is not one correct way of coaching and there are many techniques used that can make it effective. 


How does one learn to become a parent? A better question would be how does one learn to become an effective parent? Replace the word parent with coach. Complicated? Can you read about coaching from a book like you learn about science? Or do you have to put hours and hours of practical practice in like when creating a piece of art work or musical  or masterpiece?


Coaching as a Science?


Athletes continue to get bigger, faster and stronger.  The research and training methods that go into the best way to develop practitioners and the best athletes could be considered a science. There are vast amount of fields that are involved in improving an athletes’ performance


Coaching as an Art?


As a coach don’t sail under false pretenses, don’t assume the mask of science. Don’t aspire to the status of being scientists in the sense that a physicist or a chemist or a mathematician can be a scientist, with their rigorous precision and their elimination of variables. If you are going to be successful as a coach you must be an artist, and an artist is a person who performs certain things skillfully but doesn't really know how he does it. You learn art by methods that you don’t know how you learn, you can’t describe because your brain is capable of absorbing all kinds of information that is much too subtle to be translated into words. 

Adapted from: Alan Wats



What does this service provide?


The Coach Education service will be covered partly online via blogs and writings with a mixture of personal beliefs and practical experiences combined with contemporary coaching academic research. Combining the theory and practical side of coaching results in a more all rounded coach.


The Rugby Advantage has also developed the E-CAT (External Coach Assesment Tool) which will allow you to assessed by a coach educator and given specific feedback on certian areas of your coaching practice. 

Click on the link to see the overview of the E-CAT