Corporate Coaching


Using the lessons of sports and coaching adapting them into the corporate enviroment, increasing energy, passion, culture and productivity.

"70% of Americans do not like their job"

                                                                 (Gallup, 2013)

"70% of Americans do not like their job" 

(Gallup, 2013)


20% of respondents in this Gallup research were classified as "actively disengaged," the ones who are muttering complaints at the water cooler and using their lunch breaks to scour job postings online.


The remaining 50% of U.S. workers are "disengaged," according to the report, meaning that while they show up for work, they are not "inspired by their managers."


How do you manage, or run your organisation , what drives you, what drives your employees, how do you motivate them, how do you show them that they are valued, how do you show them that you believe in them?








The military and sport are both known for their leadership philosophies, the different aspects that they bring and which methods work best. Leadership in the corporate world is very similar. 


The successful companies, Nike, Apple, Google for example all have very specific ways that their companies manage employees. 


Using the principle of coaching In Rugby and the lessons that it brings, the end goal in leadership in the Military, Sport or in the Corporate world is exactly the same. RESULTS. 


Results are what keep companies and people in the marketplace and in jobs.  There are many companies with great ideas and great visions however their approach to problem solving and their approach to their employees is not as productive as it could be. Their leadership approach affects productivity and employee morale and hence final output and results.


What does this service provide?


The Rugby Advantage provides talks or seminars in a group or in a one to one individual setting to help with your company’s leadership or with your own individual leadership.  The sessions will improve the culture and energy of your employees, will increase productivity, enhance resources and therefore provide better profit.


Good leaders lead by example, you must fill your life with positive thoughts and habits and complete them day in and day out.


Leadership is an interesting concept and there have been many studies on leadership and the most effective ways to apply it. 

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