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Health & Fitness

Our physical precence is a representation of who we are

If you want to look like an athlete you have to train like an athlete.


Health is an important factor when becoming successful. It provides us with clear thought processes high energy levels and internal confidence. It also enables us to respect ourselves and teaches us discipline. It encourages good sleeping patterns and teaches the importance of healthy nutrition which in turn fuels the brain in a positive way. 


Life like Rugby is a physically demanding game. In order to win in Rugby you have to be able to be at your physical best. The same is in life, if you don’t look after your body the chance of you being happy and successful will become a great challenge. A strong functional healthy body is a happy body and a happy body is a happy mind.

Being fit and healthy comes hand in hand with what goes in to your body. Is food pleasure or fuel? You wouldn’t put the wrong type of gas in a car as it would not run effectively and it would break down the same principles apply with your body, you only have the one. 


The Health and fitness service is made up of several parts:


  • Rugby specific Strength and Conditioning 

  • Personal Programs

  • Nutritional Advice and guide lines

  • Day to day work outs movement patterns 


What does this service provide?


The goal of Health and Fitness Service is to provide people with a platform that they are happy with, be it weight gain or loss, muscle tone or performance specific. The fun functional creative movements will make you aware that your body is something that you should take pride in and something you can work with and not against.

Click on the link to see the overview a work out template

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