The Rugby Advantage has a number of coaches that depending on the nature of the program or the demands would be able to hired to help coach / development a program. If interested please contact

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Coaching is the complete approach in which coaches get their individuals brains and bodies to function at their best within contexts that they identify as factors in their lives, factors that affect their success.  


Coaching is a very complex, thought driven and emotional  process and if done wrong can leave harmful and damaging effects on the people being coached.

Often coaching should be treated like a tool box and you should be able to have a number of tools available at anyone time. Pulling out the right tool for the right situation is critical if you are to an effective coach. This isn't to say that you can't use the wrong tools, but if you want to be effective you have to construct and use the tools you have available to you. The Coaching Construct and coach education is all about giving you the tool you need in order to be a successful coach. 


If you want to shake up a session, deliver a message in a diffrent way or just want a break from your daily routine and are maybe looking for inspiration or something different you can book The Rugby Advantage to deliver a guest session. Yo can pick the topic, or leave it open. We can deliver to any age group and any program type. Just say the word.