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The Rugby Advantage provides services for youth, high school and elite players or organizations who want to put on camps clinics or workshops. These highly active, fun and knowledgeable camps are exactly what is needed in the middle of a school break or the long summer holidays. Players are guaranteed to learn, meet new people and have so much fun all while playing the sport they love.


  • Professional coaching at a ratio of 1:10 (Depending on camp)

  • The Rugby Advantage Kit

  • Ability to purchase The Rugby Advantage apparel & equipment

  • Guaranteed enjoyment

  • Fast level of rugby development


Any player club, school or organization that wants to develop and get to the next level. We have worked with youth, high school, SROs, colleges & Clubs all who have really enjoyed the interactive camps and clinics as well as those who looking for the next level ability to learn about and experience the elite side of the game.


Youth Camps

8-13 years old

  • Fun & Energetic Activities 

  • Movement & Enjoyment

  • Age Specific Cognitive Skills

  • Motor Skill Development 

  • Game Based Sessions

  • Age based competition 

  • Free The Rugby Advantage T Shirts

Development Camps

14-18 years old

  • Technical Skill Development

  • Tactical Game Awareness

  • Game Based Trainings

  • Increased Fitness Levels

  • Catch pass Development

  • Attacking Principles

  • Defensive Strategy

  • Professional Coaching


Residency Camp

15-18 years old

  • Everything that the developmebt camp includes aswell as the follwoing:

  • Leadership development

  • Mental skill trainings

  • Nutrition advice

  • S&C Sessions

  • Pool & recovery time slots 

  • Medical on site

Performance Camps

Adults (18+)

  • This is for teams & clubs that want to have a crash course in performance rugby. Including standards, learning & teaching, schedule, performance goals, real time direct feedback Long term live in residency style training sessions.  PLayers will also gain potential tour spots. 

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