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Are people lazy?

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Very surface level explanation to the question: Are people lazy?

I don't think they are. They lack drive in certain areas of life compared to others (who are the ones calling the

m lazy). Everyone in the world, if they want something bad enough gets it.

If this is in salary, career, a relationship, anything! People have what they have in life because they have earned it or the other way they have not earned it. If you want a fancy car then you will do everything you can to get the car. Work two jobs, cut out things in your life that you don’t need so that you raise enough money to get the car of your dreams. It’s Simple. If you don't get it you simply didn't want it enough.

I find this is happened a lot in the health and fitness industry. The majority of people ,whether they say it or not, want to be in shape, feel good, look good etc. They go to the gym and they last a couple of weeks and then stop going. Their diets stop, and intensity of work out drops, and then they say - oh it wasn't for me. A great example is New Year resolutions.

What is even more worrying is that people who have the correct mindset for this outcome - health and fitness fantatics - often seem to judge other people and and don't help them. They say maintaining fitness is easy and you only have to do this and that; they may be right but everyone is different. Why not try and help them? - Not that I'm saying people don’t help, but the gym can be an intimidating place for someone who knows nothing about it. Everyone starts from somewhere.

If people changed their mindset to a mindset of helping people in whatever area or field it is, people and the world would be a much happier place to live. When people say they want to do something they go out and do it. By doing this it gives people the belief that they can go out and do it as well.

This may sound a strange thing to say however people are often annoyed that they are overweight, or unhealthy. It’s a negative mindset. Why not look at this as a success? Their actions thus far have made them being successful at being overweight. This way it will be easier for people to lose weight.

So to lose weight all you simply need to do is use the correct actions and techniques to lose weight. Model someone who is underweight. What do they do how do they live what actions do they carry out every day. Model this person. Same with someone unfit – model someone who is fit.

Words are words and it’s easy to read this and you can agree with it or disagree with it but if you don’t start with actions you will never chance and without these actions you can’t get that thing you want well because simply you didn’t want it enough.

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