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6 steps to attack the day

'The early bird catches the worm' – meaning …success comes to those who prepare well and put in effort. Well this is all well and good but what does this prepare well mean and how can you put it in to action.

Here are 6 steps that you should try and get in to your morning routine before you get to work or start your day. This will provide you with a great state of mind meaning you can attack the day and be as productive as you can be in whatever it is you do. Providing your body and mind with this morning advantage will provide you with more energy and focus meaning you will become more productive in turn will increase happiness.

  • Complete - Tidy your bed

Complete a task early on. CHECK – what’s next move on. You get a good feeling when you complete task no matter how small they are. It’s a chemical reaction. Plus it’s nice to come home at night to a clean well-made bed. It helps you to sleep more efficiently. Don’t be lazy it takes 5 seconds.

  • Hydrate - Drink 1 litre of water

Your body is made up of 70% water. Brain cells are about 85% water and muscle 75%. Water is key for a healthy immune system and clear cognitive thinking and decision making. 1 litre may be a lot but if your body doesn’t need it will remove it. Drinking water helps to replenish cells and also balances your body of the acid levels. The more acid in your body the more likely it is you will get bacteria meaning more chances of getting sick or ill.

  • Exercise - Work out vigorously and stretch

Nothing wakes the body up more than a vigorous work out. Whether that’s lifting weights, swimming or biking. Your exercise is done for the day meaning it won’t hang over your head or you won’t get the ‘guilty feeling’ and you feel better for it. During the work out your body releases chemicals which give you the ‘feel good factor’, which is nice feeling to have in the morning.

  • Cleanse - Have a cold shower

This help with mental toughness. It increases your sate of alertness 1st thing in the morning. Which will help you with your tasks to do later that day. It also relives stress and helps you recover quicker from exercise as it increases and stimulate circulation.

  • Fuel - Eat 30 grams of protein

REPLENISH your cells, you should have just worked out. Eating protein also allows you to feel fuller after eating which helps with weight loss as you don’t over eat, it also regulates your blood sugar levels so you don’t feel instantly hungry after your blood sugar level drop.

  • Motivate - Listen, read or watch motivational or inspiring words / music / videos

This will stimulate your mind and provide you with a little push ready for your day. This can be anything that inspire you to take action during the day. Different things work better for different people so make sure you find what fits best for you.

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