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Impact 2016

Make an IMPACT in 2016

Impact can be defined as having a strong effect on someone or something.

‘Impact’ in the coaching sense of the word is all about having an effect on an individual, group, team and community.

I would like you to just try this simple exercise:

  • Take a pen or paper, or your phone, and write down who you have impacted, and then how you have impacted them. These can be both positive and negative. Try and get 10 in total.

  • Hopefully you now have a list, of 10 or more

  • Read over that list now and separate them into positive and negatives. Maybe you split the 10 and have 5 positive and 5 negative, maybe you are biased on one side. That’s fine. I would guess that you have more positive than negative though.

  • This now may sound silly, or you may get embarrassed. Read out loud your list of positive IMPACTS that you have made.

  • Question: How do you feel? Energised? Happy? Are you smiling? Do you have a good posture? Is your body open? Read the list again out loud, and try and take note of these things.

  • Now I would like you to do the same thing with the negative list

  • Question: Now how do you feel? Low Energy? Disappointed? Straight face? Rounded posture? Closed body, leaning forward?

Which list did you prefer to read? I'm going to guess the positive one, right? This is because the act of helping someone produces the ‘feel good’ chemical in your brain called dopamine. This is why when you read the positive list you energy rises. It’s often called the motivation molecule. It’s also the chemical produced when you complete a task, or accomplish a goal which then drives you on to complete another.

Having this chemical in your system is definitely a positive, and it will make you more productive. The more productive you are, then more you achieve and grow, and more dopamine is produced. This is why you may often see that Growth = Happiness.

So helping people may seem like a selfless act at times, and it’s generally something you should not look to others for recognition or for to gain a reward. The fact that you have made a positive impact on someone should be reward enough, and if it isn’t, then the dopamine is your reward.

My challenge to you is to try and make a positive impact in as many people as you can and flood your brain with as much dopamine as you can. You will find you achieve more, grow more, feel better and generally have a much better year than you did in 2015.

Have a Happy IMPACTFUL New Year.

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