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Passion | Addiction | Obsession


A strong or overpowering feeling or emotion


The condition of being addicted to a particular thing


An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person's mind


You want to do it


You can’t live without it


You have to do it


Is finding happiness in doing something


Is letting your happiness depend on something


Is finding happiness in one thing

Some say it’s good to have a passion, some associate addiction with negativity and destruction, some claim obsession is an illness. Then, you can be too passionate about something and have this effect your decision making, you can be addicted to something and get a sense of happiness, you can be obsessed with something and achieve great things.

It is all depended on what lens you use to look at it though. It comes down to is HUNGER , FUEL & BALANCE. How much do you need it, want it, like it.

Think of a plant.

A plant needs H20, CO2 & Sunlight to grow and blossom.

Too much H20 the water drowns the plant. Too much sunlight and the plant will change color and wilt, too much CO2 the plant will choke.

How then does the plant grow and blossom to the best it can.


The mind needs to be challenged daily, if it doesn’t it will ‘wilt’, If the mind is given to deal with then it will ‘drown’ , if you smother the mind with constant challenges and issues with no success then it will ‘choke’.

If you provide the plant with the right combination then it grows, tall and strong, it can weather out storms, it can be cut down and still grow back because its strong, it can grow in harsh environments, it can produce offspring and grow elsewhere and even spread to different settings and countries.

Life is like a plant. Its needs a balance, it needs fuel and it needs a sense of hunger.

Notice however, put a plant in a dark room, it will survive for a period of time and search for the light, put it out of reach of water and it will bury its roots until it finds it.

Some people need more water than others, some more sunlight, some more CO2. Balance is important in life and especially in different stages of your life.

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