The Warrior Spirit in Rugby is a player or a team who:


“Exhibits controlled emotions and clear decision making in times of chaos and pressure; who can continue to improve and master the art of technical ability and tactical understanding; who can fight through any challenge and hardship physiologically and psychologically; who encompasses and demonstrates selflessness and humility.”

Developement of the Warrior Spirit is dependent on four aspects:


  1. The Enviroment 

  2. The Indidiuals Front

  3. The Individuals Motivation

  4. The Selection Process 


“I need Players with internal drive and that warrior spirit that shows itself on the pitch when things get tough. If you’ve got that, the score will take care of itself.”


(Stuart Lancaster – England Rugby Union Head Coach, 2012) 

The Coaches role when developing the Warrior Spirit is dependent on four criteria:


  1. The example the leader sets 

  2. The attitude they express

  3. The expectations they establish 

  4. The standards they enforce