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The World's Ultimate Professional

‘The most powerful weapon you have as a player is to be a nice guy’

(Wilkinson, 12/3/14)

Humility - From the words of a true legend

These were the words spoken by Jonny Wilkinson when he was asked the question 'who is the best player you have ever played against'. He said that you have the big physical players, you have the technically great players and all that is good but what’s annoying is that you like and respect them. As a player you want to hate them, you want and need that fuel that motivation but you play a hard game and they hit you a few times and then after the game and shake hands and they are actually really good guys. That’s the best weapon to have as a rugby player is to become a good person.

Jonny said that when he was 20 years old he went on a very short stage of shouting his mouth off and realised very quickly that this wasn’t the way to succeed. Jonny lives by Kaizen – a Japanese philosophy. It's about continuous self-improvement. You imagine being watched by a video 24/7 to help you get better each day and make good decisions (or if you like AlwaysGaining).

He mentioned that yes he’s kicked a few goals but he’s just doing his job, and what you don’t see is how he gets to where he is and all the other players in his position do all the work and he just the final link in the chain. Team sport team effort.

jonny 3.jpg

Its no coincidence that he is arguably the best player that’s ever played the game and that the best team in the world in at any sport in the world the New Zealand All Blacks with the motto ‘Better People, Better All Blacks’.

Jonny’s success as a player went from strength to strength and continuous to do so as a person but it’s not without sacrifice or setbacks. However, each one of these had made him in to the man he is today. No player or person ever says a bad thing about him. His most powerful weapon.

Jonny’s humility is one that everyone worldwide recognises and could and should take in to consideration when living in their life.

To end on something else that Jonny said:

“Life is a team game and it’s a lot easier if you live like it is. The world would be a much better place if we all played this game called life together.”

An honour and privilege to have met you Jonny - a true inspiration to all.

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