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Are you BRAVE enough to be successful?

Have you ever watched the Disney movie Brave? There is a great line in it that I think could be relevant for many individual's while on their pathway to 'success'.

"Some say fate is beyond our command, but I know better. Our destiny is within us. You just have to be brave enough to see it.“

(Walt Disney: Brave, 2012)

Purpose: What would you do in money was no object?

Individual: We are all powerful in our own way!

Belief: Believe in yourself as other might not!

It's hard: If it was easy everyone would do it

Failure: It is a mindset, you will fail, you will succeed how do you react?

Talent: Within ‘failure’ & within success you discover your talent / niche!

Courage: Don’t be afraid, have no fear!

Work: Develop your craft!

Grow: Develop, learn from the work you put in!

Gain: Positive thoughts, enjoy what you do!

Time: Over time you will make small positive choices, recognize each choice is a stepping stone!

Choice: Small positive choices allows for more positive growth!

Positive growth: This leads to positive action allows for happiness!

Negative action: This opens the door to depression, close it fast!

Positive action: Leads to good habits!

Good habits: Leads to a positive lifestyle!

A positive lifestyle: Leads to fulfilment!

Fulfilment is success!


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