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USA Rugby National Development Summit Overview - Warrior Spirit

There are only two powers in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run, the sword is always defeated by the spirit.


On Saturday 24th January, USA Rugby hosted their National Development Summit in Chicago.


This event had over 500 people registered and had a high level of people involved in Rugby in the USA present. This included people like Mike Tolkin the Head Coach of the USA 15 a side team and Mike Friday the Head Coach of the USA 7’s a side team. The Rugby Advantage was given privilege to be accepted as one of the many talented coaches to present at the conference in the coaching track. The presentation was given on ‘What is Warrior Spirit and can it be coached in Elite Rugby?’


This was different style of presentation and the audience did not expect what was delivered to them due to the fact other peoples presentations was very practical. This was heavily academic and therefore took a few people by surprise.

This is a huge piece of research and given the time slot of 30 minutes it is always a challenge to fit everything in especially when the theory has got so many sections to it. What actually got presented was just a scratch of the surface when it comes down to the concept and the effects it can have.

To answer the question – ‘What is Warrior Spirit and can it be coached in Elite Rugby’ the answer is simple. Yes I believe you can coach it.

Definition of the Warrior Spirit in Rugby:

“Someone or a team who exhibits controlled emotions and clear decision making in times of chaos and pressure; who can continue to improve and master the art of technical ability and tactical understanding; who can fight through any challenge and hardship physiologically and psychologically; who encompasses and demonstrates selflessness and humility.”


This particular research I have work on for a couple of years now and now will be looking forward to further the research and come up with a detailed theoretical models for coaches to use on how to develop the Warrior Spirit in their players. I also believe that this has the potential to be taken in to other walks of life and not just in the Rugby Environment.

See a copy of the presentation delivered here:

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