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What is Success?

Success can be defined as wins and losses, it can be define in the amount of money you make or … you can define success on how much you grow.

What have you done in the past year to improve yourself or to grow? What new knowledge have you acquired? What skills have you learnt?

Have you read any books? Talked through ideas you have with people with more experience and great intelligence than you? Learnt a new skill? Taken yourself out of your comfort zone? Identified what your comfort zone? Taken action?

"Growth is the only Evidence of Life" - J.H. Newman
The Rugby Advantage has been running for 1 year and it has grown and accomplished a lot over the year.
Thanks to all for your continued support.
The Rugby Advantage will be ‘Always Gaining’ and looking to improve, grow and continue to help develop others for the next year head and many other.
Any comments or feedback would be appreciated – this is how we grow E-mail –
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